Vaitrix Software Methanol Injection Custom Tuning

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Vaitrix Software Methanol Injection Custom Tuning

The Vaitrix AirForceOne tuning software is the central command of the Vaitrix Booster, where the precision of tuning meets. It supports engines from 3 to 12 cylinders and different engine layouts such as inline, boxer, flat, horizontally opposed, 180°, V, and W engine configurations.


The software consists of an online cloud-based server, real-time data logging on a 3D/4D mapping tool, and uploading or downloading tunes or maps can be done on the go, without switching off the engine.


Tuning with water/methanol injection can now be made simpler and more precise. 

The online cloud-based server has more than 400 car specific pre-map tunes which are stored globally. Pre-map stage 1, 2, 3 or custom tunes can be purchased and downloaded from the online cloud-based server.


Car enthusiasts can upload and store their tunes in the "Own Data". They can select and download them from the "Own Data" to the Vaitrix Booster.

Apart from voltage and RPM readings on the side, users can choose the option of adding an exhaust temperature, intake air temperature, oil pressure, oil temperature or water temperature to view the readings.

Users can set the safe temperature limit for the exhaust for water/methanol injection to prevent further engine damage. Once the exhaust temperature reaches over that limit, the tune will be turn off, entering safe mode.

The above diagram shows is a 255-cell mapping table. It provides real-time data logging while the engine is running. The number in that cell will pop-up and change colour wherever the car runs. It will also turn darker when it stays longer in that cell, hence, a safer and more advanced tuning.

There are up to 8 parameters of tuning. "OP-1", "OP-2", "OP-3", and "OP-4" features tunes like eg. boost pressure, ignition timing, etc,. whichever the harness is plugged at on the car. "SW-1" and "SW-2" controls the water/methanol injection switch, either on/off. Lastly, "Duty-1" and "Duty-2" controls the duty-cycles of water/methanol injection.


The Y-axis can be adjusted for different load ratings. Under the "SETUP" for "OP-1", "OP-2", "OP-3", and "OP-4", users can adjust the "Tuning Strength" and the "Response Time" from 0-100% in steps of 10%.

The switch control mapping on "SW-1" and "SW-2" toggles ON or OFF. "1" in the cell represents ON, "0" represents OFF, which is followed in the display.


In the "SETUP", advancing or delaying the on/off is possible. In the scroll bar, ON and OFF represents normally-open or normally-closed. Users may choose to use a different load mapping to follow the switch pattern on other tuning parameters.

"Duty-1" and "Duty-2" controls the duty-cycle of water/methanol injection spray rate. Be it at high load and low RPM, low load and high RPM, or high load and high RPM, inputs of any amount from 0-100% is achievable. The display shows how much water/methanol injection is being sprayed, at whatever cell the car is running at.

In the "SETUP", users may choose to use a different load mapping to follow the switch pattern on other tuning parameters. The frequency of the spray pattern can also be adjusted.

3D graphics can be displayed accordingly by settings of the load and RPM. Setting a different amount of spray rate at different load or RPM is no longer 2D. Instead, adding an additional duty-cycle, eg, using both "Duty-1" and "Duty-2" to adjust and tune, becomes 4D.

By doing so, it reduces water/methanol fluid consumption by 50-80% and increases performance by 30-50%.

Adjusting the battery voltage correction stabilizes the system to prevent different output timing caused by the unstable output voltage produced by the alternator in the vehicle when it is running.

When the battery voltage correction is set to 100%, the volume of water/methanol fluid can be injected to the same as the output power.

When the battery voltage correction is set to 50%, it will compensate for the relative high and low voltages.

When the battery voltage correction is set to 0%, the output power will not be calibrated.

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