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Tuning ECU Piggyback Booster Methanol Custom



charge pipe for ea888 gen3 (wmi compatible)

  • Charge pipe for EA888 GEN3 MQB/MLB platform with Turbo Muffler Delete & Water/Methanol Injection Compatibility

  • Available for MQB Transverse (Red) & MLB Longitudinal (Black) engines

  • Forged 6061 aluminium pipe

  • Inner Diameter: 63mm

  • 2 1/8" holes for Water/Methanol Injectors

  • 1 1/8" hole for Intake Air Temperature (IAT) Sensor

  • Fits: Audi, Porsche, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen VW

Plug & Play Boost Gauge

Boost Pressure gauge

(booster type) 

  • Plugs into Booster Basic or Booster M instead of the car harness

  • Available in 2.0 Bar or 3.0 Bar

Water Temp Temperature Gauge

precision gen2 gauge

(universal Type)

  • Boost Pressure Gauge (Requires boost tap)

  • Voltage Meter Gauge

  • Oil Pressure Gauge

  • Oil Temperature Gauge

  • Water Temperature Gauge

  • Exhaust Temperature Gauge

  • Intake Air Temperature Gauge

Oil Sensor Adaptor Pressure or Temperature

oil sensor adapter

  • Available in Red or Blue

  • Adaptor for Oil Pressure and/or Temperature Sensors

  • Thickness: 28mm

  • Installs between oil filter and housing

EA888 Gen 3 Boost Tap

ea888 gen3 boost tap

  • Boost tap for EA888 GEN3 MQB platform engines

  • Suitable for Precision GEN2 Boost Gauge (Universal type)

Water Temp Temperature Sensor Adaptor

water temperature sensor adaptor

  • Installs between radiator hoses

  • Comes with 2 radiator hose clamps

  • Adaptor for Water Temperature Sensor

  • Made of high-quality lightweight aluminium

4 Bar Boost Sensor

4 bar boost pressure sensor

  • External 4 Bar Boost Pressure Sensor for boost tap

  • Accuracy: <1%, Response time: <0.1ms

  • Operating Temperature: -40 - 105 C

  • Plug & Play

10 Bar Oil Fuel Boost Pressure Sensr

10 bar pressure sensor

  • Suitable use for measuring Oil, Fuel or Boost Pressure 

  • Accuracy: <1%, Response time: <0.1ms

  • Operating Temperature: -20 - 105°C

  • Plug & Play

150C Oil Water Transmission IAT Intake Air Temp Temperature Sensor

150°c temperature sensor

  • Suitable use for measuring Oil, Water, Transmission, or Intake Air Temperature 

  • Accuracy: <1%, Response time: <0.1ms

  • Operating Temperature: 0 - 150°C

  • Optional 250°C Temperature Sensor available

  • Plug & Play

1200C EGT Exhaust Temp Temperature Sensor

exhaust temperature sensor

  • Waterproof connector with shielded wire

  • Operating Temperature: 200 - 1300°C

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