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precision gen2 gauge

This is the latest generation of the Vaitrix Precision Gauge. It features a billet finish designed to be classy, elegant, and exquisite. It also has a LED 3D display with anti-reflective glass and a brushless stepper motor with an auto-dimming function. Using the latest technology that is being offered today, they are 100% precisely accurate and responsive.

All of our gauges do not plug into the OBDII port. This product features 12 months of warranty.

Plug & Play Boost Gauge
Plug & Play Boost Gauge
Plug & Play Boost Gauge 2 Bar
Plug & Play Boost Gauge 3 Bar
Oil Temp Temperature Gauge
Water Temp Temperature Gauge
IAT Intake Air Temp Temperature Gauge
EGT Exhaust Temp Temperatur Gauge
Volt Voltage Meter Gauge
Oil Pressue Gauge

These are the range of Precision GEN2 Gauges. PSI and Fahrenheit (°F) are available for pressure and temperature gauges.

Plug & Play Boost Gauge

The Precision GEN2 gauges are of 60mm in diameter. This meant a direct fitment in some of the vehicles with circular vents, such as Audi, Mercedes Benz, and Porsche.

Plug & Play Boost Gauge

Composed of 7075 aeronautical grade aluminum alloy with a CNC billet finish, the alloy has a material strength of up to 40,000 PSI.

The 3D display dials are stereoscopically engraved into the brushed hairline metal plate, giving an exquisite finish.

The surface of the anti-reflective glass is nano-coated to increase transparency and reduce reflection, flare, and EMP interference. It improves the overall visibility under direct sunlight.

Plug & Play Boost Gauge Auto Dimmer

It consists of 6 levels of dimming modes with a highly sensitive light sensor that constantly detects and automatically adjusts to the ambiance lighting.

Plug & Play Boost Gauge

The all-in-one remote controls all types of Precision GEN2 gauges, and their individual settings.

The Warning and Peak limits can be set and stored. 

Plug & Play Boost Gauge