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precision gauge gen1

  1. Operation from the distance is enabled by using a switch unit.

  2. High resolution scales and the illuminated needle provide precise indication and high visibility.

  3. To install additional gauges customers just need to connect the power cable to another gauge and attach the sensor’s cable to the gauge.

  4. A cluster stepper motor is applied to enable an instantaneous and simultaneous response to high performance driving. A digital signal is transferred into an accurate analog display by means of the cluster stepper motor, with high position accuracy and a robust gear system.

  5. The ultra-high-speed microcontroller precisely calibrates up to 270° deflection angle in 3240 segments for the accuracy of vehicle information provided.

  6. Self-diagnosis function detects disconnection of sensors, short circuits and communication errors and indicates the malfunctions via the warning LED (red).

  7. A warning value can be set. A buzzer sounds when the warning LED (red) comes on (a buzzer sound can be turned on/off).

  8. Simultaneously obtain data and record the peak value while driving. On top of that, customers can recall the peak reading if necessary.

  9. Gauges operate fully standalone with metallic finishes frame design.

  10. A solid gauge mounting bracket and a meter cup holder come with as standard equipment.

  11. The outer edge of the gauge illuminates red in a ring shape (except for smoke tinted gauges).

  12. Low reflection glass provides high visibility.

  13. The waterproof processing harnesses and cables can prevent from water damage and corrosion development.


RGB LEDs consist of 14 varieties, white, red, blue, green, pink, yellow, orange, cyan, violet, purple, warm white, ultraviolet and full color


16 levels of dimming brightness(8 levels of daytime dimming modes, 8 levels of nighttime dimming modes)


voltage gauge​


turbo gauge



exhaust temp gauge​


water temp gauge


oil temp gauge​


oil pressure