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  1. Po mode: driving in a very sensitive throttle response whenever you need.

  2. Ec mode: suitable for in city driving, the lower fuel consumption, the more economic a vehicle is.

  3. SP mode: suitable for mountain and street driving and racing on track.

  4. nor mode: A signal relay that functions as a safety design and activates as an alternation of factory signal setting if the product goes wrong.

  5. 4 modes - 20 steps: Po mode 3 steps; SP mode 9 steps; Ec mode 7 steps; nor mode 1 step.

  6. OEM factory plug easy installation (Plug and Play).

  7. User-friendly and individually adjustable

  8. Memory in embedded for power outrages or system crashes.

  9. User mode ensures user’s setting will not be defaulted once the product is removed or vehicle’s battery is dead.

  10. Throttle response ranges from 15% to 100%.

  11. A safety wiring connection design to the brakes to prevent from inadvertently kicking off accelerator pedal while applying the brakes.

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