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Tuning ECU Piggyback Booster Methanol Custom
Vaitrix Piggyback Booster Basic Custom Tuning Stage 1

booster basic

The Vaitrix Booster Basic is the entry-level product of the Booster series. Apart from stage 1 pre-map tunes, custom tuning can be done with any of the Vaitrix Booster, and can also work together with any stage 1-2+ or custom ECU/TCU tune, re-flash, or re-map for additional horsepower and torque gains.

The Vaitrix Booster Basic has up to 2 parameters to tune. However, the water/methanol injection spray amount is at a fixed preset of 50 and 100%, at whichever of 2 boost pressure targets are set.

Car enthusiasts who are interested in tuning will not be able to do it with the Booster Basic.

The Vaitrix Booster Basic is Plug & Play, transferable between different types of cars, and does not affect the car or agent warranty.

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