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The idea of VAITRIX BK-Commander-Vespa300/150 originates from the inspiration of living in a vibrant and cosmopolitan city where people they just want to get out of the ordinary urban life and make it more fun.


As it is the state of the art product, it offers a variety of functions to cater for all motorcyclists needs, for instance removing speed limit and removing RPM limit.


Needless to say, as a jack of all trades, it features a reprogrammable chip, plug & play, waterproof processing connectors and so on.

 VAITRIX BK-Commander-Vespa300/150 not only stabilize injector voltage, but also enhance injector voltage so as to make injector evaporate fuel thoroughly.


As a result, the impressive improvements in the combustion of fuels which suits in engine power and torque increase, as well as fuel savings.


It really goes as you please no matter where you are where you go. On top of that there is a dynamometer curves testimonial endorses the capability of VAITRIX BK-Commander-Vespa300/150.


Combined aluminum outer shell and weatherproof sealing to withstand the uncertain environment during outdoor riding.

10-Watt high power output

Improves and stabilizes output signal for injection nozzles to create better atomization, a key to improve engine performance and fuel efficiency.

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