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From the man himself

Established in Melbourne Australia, VAITRIX is a leading performance tuning brand, with a focus on engineering, passion, dedication, and hard work by a group of car enthusiasts, who know how to make serious horsepower! The team consists of tuners and technicians from Australia, Taiwan, Germany, and the USA.


We have worked exclusively with manufacturers in the USA to develop our Methanol kits and in Taiwan to produce our advanced ECU systems using German and Japanese circuitry and microprocessors. The ECU Tuning Software; AirForceOne, was designed and programmed in house giving you real, quantifiable performance at your fingertips.

All VAITRIX products make their way to the final assembly line and go through stringent quality checks in Australia before being distributed globally.

Company's philosophy

VAITRIX, is an engine tuner’s dream come true. It is the accumulative engineering, passion, dedication, and hard work of a group of car enthusiasts aiming to create the most powerful tool a tuner can dream of.


We are a continuously growing number of vehicle enthusiasts that have inspired our team to work with great passion and develop unique and innovative products that can always provide our customers with the best driving experience.


Whether you are a professional or just an enthusiast, VAITRIX is always your best partner that can provide tailor-made solutions to meet your needs and desires. 

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